What drives you?

I haven’t written anything for a while. I have had plenty I wanted to write about however, it never seemed to be enough to fully create a meaningful amount. I jettisoned this idea today and I will bring you a small glimpse into what has been on my mind lately.

I’m a few weeks away from finishing my second degree. This is a bachelors opposed to my ¬†associates in applied science. Both classes I am taking are considered the largest amount of code that one would produce while at Metropolitan State University. This was the litmus test for whether I believe I could do this full time and maintain some sort of sanity. There have been only a few days in the past 3 months that I have not written a single piece of code. At the same time, even if I hadn’t written any, I’ve been thinking about the problems I have been facing in the application and how I can resolve or mitigate the impact of loosing the functionality that I was struggling with.

With the capstone class, I presented a review of what I have been working on to my boss. I was allowed to work on the application while at work since it will go into production for our group to use. She said I was brilliant in what I have done so far. I provided her with a courtesy laugh and more on this later. She made some comments about what was there and what she would hope to see. A few things that I can certainly get in my last iteration for class since I was working ahead anyhow.

I put in some long hours in working on my client server architecture class to get my third programming assignment done. I did it on time before the instructor had to change the due date since 70% of the class had not been able to finish it. The instructor has asked me to assist many other students in the class with their assignments with a cravat. I am not following what would be considered ideal coding practices when it comes to my servlets. Essentially I have built single larger servlets to handle the logic when it comes to creating a user and contact object in my application. Once it has been completed you get to the other servlets that handle the other aspects. The instructor said “Gabriel marches to his own drummer in terms of his coding”. I think this is good, or I will perceive it as that until otherwise noted. The same instructor has mentioned more than a few times that I am “very talented” in terms of my abilities at the level I am at (academic).

I have trouble accepting compliments from people. Especially coming from those people who’s opinion I should believe. This is because they are not kissing my ass to get something. Usually I’ve been driven to do things that people have told me I can’t do. I’ve noticed a change within myself to understand that given the proper motivation and being able to adequately plan and put forth some effort that I can do things that I want to be able to do. I’ve decided to leave my 7 year world of infrastructure in IT to pursue a career in software development. I’ve never really made anything before. Sure I have setup Citrix, networks, SANs, NAS and so on but its a assembly rather than creation. It’s exciting to think that something I made would be put into the wild such as a production system in which users would interact with it.

Some might say I’m a little hold for finally figuring out how to harness myself when it comes to accomplishing things. I believe that some spend a large majority of their lives not knowing what they want or how to get it in the first place. Since I’m running low on stuff to write about, I’ll leave you with an update on my squatting goal of a total of a million pounds for the year. I’ve crested the 927,000 lb mark. This means with 6 or so weeks left in the year, I am way ahead of schedule. Not that long ago I was behind 75,000. My last workout I warmed up for 3 sets then completed 8 sets of 4 reps at 290 lbs. I looked back to the first of the year when I tested my 1RM. My highest single was 290 lbs. What nearly a year has done is awesome to view now. It wasn’t so wonderful when toughing out difficult days.

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