I wanted to write something substantial regarding the latest bout on January 31st.  We lost both bouts but we did really well.  I sucked up pain and skated.  Losing coupled with the fact I turned down the opportunities to jam left me really negative.  So I will refrain from posting a long winded rant about how I can be really critical of myself.

What I will write is that I was given this Best Blocker award from the Thunderjacks.  While I certainly appreciate it, I know that there were 11 other Thunderjacks out on the track that would have been equally deserving.  Unfortunately I find myself not going to practice until I fully heal.  I’ve bounced from one injury to nearly the next for a better part of a year.  I’m still keeping active, striving to reach and set new goals.  Thanks to those who found me worthy enough to deserve this recognition.

Squat update: 104414 lbs.

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